Any organization with large amount of data in-house finds it difficult to maintain the entire database.Organizations end up paying lot of money in maintaining data but still does not get the accuracy, Based on nature of database industry, it keeps changing on daily basis, so it is pretty hard to maintain the accuracy. 2Formatics helps organizations managing in-house database.

Data Appending

Data appending services is one of our strength with proven track record of providing accurate appended data to our customers. We can append any data field as required by our customers like business email address, phone numbers, social media link etc.

Data Cleansing

Organizations with large amount data generally face problem to get their data cleaned up. Any data which is acquired gets outdated in every 3 months, so it is important for any organization to cleanse their data before they use it. We not only cleanse the entire database but all provide fresh and updated data.

Data Enhancement

Data Enrichment is the one of our accurate and simple step service which we provide to our customers to make sure the existing database is more informative and useful for their sales and marketing strategy.

Data Maintenance

Maintaining a data is one the biggest challenge any organization face, this is one of their pain point which we solve by providing real time data updating process. We have a dedicated team who only works on maintaining the data to make sure the data is up-to-date.