Getting right target for sales and marketing is the biggest challenge for any organization. Companies end up spending a lot of time, effort and money on getting an idea on who should be the right target for their product and services. 2formatics helps organizations reach right people for right product and services at right time with right values.

How we read Business?


Initiator plays an important role in buying center who initiates the request and requirements. Every company will have initiators it can be salesperson, marketing callers and operators etc.2formatics will provide insights on who is the right initiator for your product and services.

Decider(Decision Makers)

Identifying who is the right decision maker in a company is a challenge. Decision maker in buying center is the ultimate person who will make buying decision. For different departments and teams, decision makers vary. 2formatics provides insights on who will be the right decision makers for your product and services.


Influencer is the one who influences the entire buying decision making process, it is very difficult to identify who is the right influencer from a company. Influencers differ from company to company based on employee size, revenue, nature of business etc. 2formatics helps identifying best influencer who can influence decision makers for your product or services.


Buyer in buying center is the purchasing, procurement agent who is involved in purchasing process of any product or services once the decision is made, but it is not necessary every purchasing manager or procurement manager is a buyer, it can be person from other departments like controller, finance manager who allocate budget for acquisition. 2formatics helps in identifying who is the right buyer for your product or services.


Users here are end users for the product or services once acquired, users directly don't play an important role but act as catalyst in buying process and may play important role during the time of product or services renewal. 2formatics helps in identifying who will be the right end user of your product or services.


Gatekeeper can be secretary, office manager, front desk officer etc who controls the communication betweeen the product or service provider and buying center team, it is very hard to get gatekeepers convinced and get directly connected to the person in buying center whom you want to reach out to offer your product or services. 2formatics plays an important role in bypassing the gatekeepers and get you directly to the right person for your offerings.